Deeper Than It Looks

I just published three short stories in a collection called Deeper Than It Looks.

All three were either shortlisted for or won competitions. One brought a £100 (£100!) prize, an amount which made a young granddaughter’s mouth fall open in staggered amazement. The darling girl took about three hours to spend £1 at the last school fair we went to, so my prize represented riches beyond her wildest imagination. Every time I saw her for the next few months, she asked me if I had spent any of it. I hardly liked to tell her how rapidly it had really disappeared, when she was clearly hoping I’d splashed out on something worthwhile like a tiara, or perhaps a pair of glass slippers.

Her sister (also 8) has just written a letter to the Tooth Fairy – they are in regular correspondence – asking her to ‘sort this Covid 19 thing out’. I’m thinking of doing the same. Perhaps we all should, since other sources of Powerful Magic don’t seem to be working.

Love to you all, dear readers. Stay safe and keep reading.

And in case you were wondering how we’re passing the time…

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